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Current Fandoms include: Hetalia, Free!, DRAMAtical Murder

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So, I realized that I never drew Ren in his Rhyme online mode before; I was like, “WATTTT?! TIME TO GO REMEDY THAT!”

But then I realized WHY I never drew it before: I struggled. I struggled hard. It hurt my soul. I’m still not quite sure how his cloak works… speedohglasses saw the screenshot when Ren was a floating cloak with a head. But at least it finally worked out?

Rhyme is floaty, right? Float here, float there. Float everywhere.

Background from the game.


Happy birthday, husbandoooo uwu <33

Lahv you lots <3

So, I told you I’d draw you Hitman as Virus one day. uwu - There he is as a smart-ass. There he is as a smart-ass child. There he is as a smart-ass with Matthew as Trippppp…?! I don’t know. Gilbert was gonna be my second choice, LOL.

Arthur is Aoba since he’s such a tsundere. 

I lahv youuuu, happy happy birthday. :) Now go get some sleep!

Omg this is amazing waifu ;A;///

An amazing fashion sense if I must say so myself ovo9  Thank you so much ;v;//

*smooch smooch smooch smooch smooooooochie* uwu



Thank you so very much everyone for 600+ followers!! ;w;/

Whether you’ve followed me for Hetalia, Yugioh, DMMD, Free! (or that one Haikyuu! picture LOL), thank you. Whether you followed for my silly art, Gakuen USUK doujinshis, monochrome colours, heart-breaking lines, random storytime stories or anything and everything in between, thank you. 

:) Please enjoy this little thank you!  And the adorable beauty that is Shigino Kisumi uwu

[MakoHaru outfits from the Iwatobi Channel Volume 2 cover and SouRin outfits from the Free! Eternal Summer Promotional picture. Kisumi’s outfit from the Free! ES end card, just with his plaid shirt on instead of around his waist :)]

You, who waited for me - SouRin

"You can hurt me more if you want, Koujaku…"

minarzipan, I know you said you like Monster!Koujaku and Shiroba, LOL… But I can’t draw Koujack like that. Too much struggle. eAe;;; So here’s one half of that BE pairing *sob sob*

Fleecy Haru and Mookoto - MakoHaru

A few months later…

"Makoto-chan is growing so quickly though - he’s bigger than Haru is already!"

"Oh! They fell asleep together again… These two…"

Surprisingly, the most difficult thing was drawing all those damn polka dots on Haru’s fleecy PJs LOL. And obviously this came about because of the pajama official art.

I referenced the first frame from a previously done MakoHaru babbu thingy aaahhhhhh - so much cute… So much struggles with babies and chubby cute limbs.

Perhaps Haru-chan can sense that Mako-chan is scared of the dark, even if the dark comes from the hood of his mookoto onesie. uwu

Small babbu swimmer, it’ll be okay.

He’ll be back soon. With shark teeth.

H… Hinata… Your hair… WTF. The last time I drew hair as spiky and ridiculous as yours was back in the Yugioh fandom.

speedohglasses, yup, I did it.

"Ah well, I was quite messy with the flour and it got all over my coat, so -"


For simplyaliceinwonderland, who loves Clear as much as I do. :) Enjoy dorky jellyfish boy, dear~

… I don’t know what I’m doing LOL

The Orange Shirt - MakoHaru

"Just look out for when Sousuke and Rin are on patrol together - those hot-headed partners…"

Gayyyyy shark boyfrands u////w////u

So, I really like the idea that Rin gave his signature necklace to Sousuke. I also really like Future Fish ending Sourin. I also just really like Sourin.

But I hate their hair - HOW DRAW!?

:) Now all my Free! OTPs are complete.

"Waiting for Haru-chan and Mako-chan’s flight to land means we have time to ourselves, right?"

Rei looks like a child and Nagisa looks more like a pimp than usual. … I liked their outfits from when they picked up Makoto and Haru from the airport LOL uwu

A Sourin picture will complete these three OTPs of mine from Free! :)

"Welcome home, Haru."

"… I’m home."

How can you look at these two and think they’re anything less than soulmates u///w///u 

Also, how the eff does Mako’s hair work!?!?!? I struggle with his deredere eyes too -


Here’s the photo without the frame around it.

So, this takes place just before Sly Blue’s last battle - before he ends up in the hospital with amnesia…

Virus and Trip are starting to realize that ‘Restraint’/’Ren’ might be taking away their favourite secret toy… And worse, what if Aoba working brought the attention of Toue to what Aoba could do? It might be best to bury him deep inside his own mind then. 

Of course, this is all said telepathically through that “…” “…” section of speech bubbles. :9

Midorijima fashion makes me cry. Concerned puppy Ren is adorable. uAu Uh… I hope it’s not too confusing who is talking and when in the speech bubbles u3u;;

That’s a heck of a lot of Aoba and a heck of a lot of boys after the Aobooty.

Ren gets the most points for showing up in the most photos, after Aoba does.

Proud of myself for being able to draw all the boyfrandsssssss *sobs* (+Sei because… He’s an angel.)

Virus and Trip are next… When I can find the time uAu;;

speedohglasses, stahp meeee———-

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