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I'll be using this blog to upload random WIPs, my previous work and doodles with reblogs here and there ~ :)

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Set up unwillingly on a blind date, a down-on-his-luck Alfred sees a young man in tears walk by. 

"Hey, I can’t let someone else be as sad as I am without trying to do something about it —-"

This started because I wanted to draw Arte Stella outfits…….

Let’em both be down on their luck together :)

Let Me Chase away the Rain - AsaKiku Doujinshi

AsaKiku + Teru Teru Bozu WIP

How do kimonos ———-

Asakiku comic where Japan makes England a Teru Teru Bozu because of how rainy his weather has been recently ——— Hang on, I’ma draw it.

· asakiku · wip · APH Japan · APH England ·

"You still won’t give in to me, huh?"

Part One | Part Two

No, you don’t understand… I really like Gakuen!USUK :’U

u3u More lahv for tasteless-combination <33

D-Don’t get the wrong idea, though! I’m just counting because if you don’t go to sleep, I can’t go home. I’m not doing it for you or anything… Okay, are you ready? I’m going to start counting…”

Ooh~ I see. You can’t get to sleep, so you’d like me to help put you to sleep. Mission accepted! If we just count sheep, that should do the trick, yeah? You’re just like England, suggesting such a classic go-to-sleep method, but I’m a Hero, y’know, so I’ll definitely grant your request!”


I really wanted to draw Sheep!USUK… u3u 

Requests from my stream.

Appropriately named SMoon and SMattie. uwu

[NASA has a Secret Moon, it’s called… Smoon]

WIPs =A= For Gakuen, Bartendie and Dannetsu Part 9 ewe;;

I’m working, I’m working, I swear… =A= I’m also just always tired now… Something’s wrong with meeeeeeee *rolls away*

My babbussssssss

"Thank you and good bye."

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAPLEEEE - Lovely and amazing Prucan artist and inspiration…! /;w;/

For the lovely sukima-chan for her lovely M!A uwu <333

Dannetsu Senjou no Kodou - USUK Version [Part Eight]

[Original Manga: HERE]



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Panel 9 of 14… =A= Ughhhhhhhh So slow… but Part 8 should be up by Friday!! :D/

Dannetsu Senjou no Kodou uwu

Koyubi wa amaku Sasayaku - USUK Version

Arthur: … Maybe it’s just a mistake…?

Short USUK doujinshi based on the same name… It’s cute and short and worth the read for the full story!!

Arthur is known as the ‘Love God’ by his classmates for being the best matchmaker ever - What they don’t realize is that Arthur has the ability to see the ‘Red String of Fate’ that ties two people together. He’s been waiting for his fated person, and now they’re here. :Dc

WIP. Gonna make this a cute short doujin.

USUK Red string of Fate AU, where Arthur has the ability to see red strings and uses it to match people up ——- But then Alfred comes and everything changes uwu

Based on Koyubi wa amaku sasayaku; AKA Mel finds a cute Gakuen-based AU and USUK-ifies it LOL.

Edit: uwu I did it

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